Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DSB Usage Agreement

Before you are allowed to print in the DSB: You must either attended a training session (recommended) or have signed this contract and gone over the printing directions briefly with the DSB attendant. Only students who have attended the training session or signed this contract are allowed to be in the DSB, no tag-alongs, friends, or other visitors.

Food and Beverages: Food and beverages cannot be used in the DSB. There is a counter where they can be left while working.

Paper: Paper is available for purchase and use in the printers. Students may bring their own paper but must be verified as safe in the printers by a DSB supervisor. Only specific printers may use non-coated papers (no-photo papers). These printers are labeled “Sue” (for paper up to 44” wide) and Cindy (for sheets of paper between 8x10” and 17x22”). Papers like Rives BFK, rice paper, etc. may be used ONLY in these printers. Please no newsprint.

Computer Use: The DSB is not a general computer-use room. Please prepare your files off site. The DSB is also not a Photoshop tutoring center. DSB attendants assist with printing-not file editing.

Mistakes: Mistakes involving user error (things that were covered in the printing training and in the printing directions by each computer) will be charged for. Mistakes involving the printer (clogged heads, etc.) will not be charged for if the attendant is notified right away.

Test Strips: We usually do not charge for test strips, but these need to be tracked.

Before leaving the DSB: Students must check out with the DSB attendant to count the prints they made. This includes test strips and all mistakes.

Payment: Any payment for prints must be made BEFORE the user leaves the DSB with the prints. Students may pay with check, credit card or gopher gold. NO CASH. Payments are made at the photo cage down the hall, but prints remain in the DSB until the signed receipt is brought back to the DSB. Signed receipts must always be brought back to the DSB or we have no record that the prints were paid for

Course Fees: There are no refunds or transferring of unused portions of student course fees. Any unused course fees stays in general DSB account. Students do not all print the same amounts for each assignment or project. This means that some students will not exhaust their full course-fee print credit: the DSB depends on the unused portions to help pay for maintenance tanks, Kraft paper, unexpected repairs, etc. We recognize that it may seem unfair, but it is similar to what happens in all other art courses; all students pay the same exact materials fee, but they each use less or more amounts of materials.

Failure to follow these instructions or instructions given by DSB technicians or instructors will result in loosing DSB privileges.

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